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Fly in a ballon in
Valle de Guadalupe

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We Offer

  • Our ballons

    Certified ballons in perfect conditions for flight.

  • Flight Safety

    Our pilots all comercialy approved for the AFAC.

  • Covid 19 Prevention

    We have appropriate security messures for safe travel.

  • Pictures and videos

    Capture the best moments with our photography and video production.

  • Great view

    We flight over beautiful vineyards in Valle de Guadalupe.

  • Local wine

    Enjoy our flights with our select house wine.

Plan and organize with us

Live the best flight experience on air ballon in Valle de Guadalupe,fly over vineyards at sunrise !

We fly every day of the year from 6:00 a.m to 8:00 a.m

¿Why do we have to get up extremely early to fly?

Flights take place in the early hours of the morning. It depends on the heat. After dawn the sun begings to warm the atmosphere and soil and to generate all kinds of movements in the air.The early hours of the day and afternoon are the quietest moments in wich the wind usually smoother and more consistent..

Flight packages


$149.79 USD

  • Fly per person
  • 40 minutes flight
  • Toast with wine
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$327.67 USD

  • Flights for couples
  • 40 minutes flight
  • Toast with splarkling wine
  • Chocolates or flowers
  • Generic tarpaulin
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$374.48 USD

  • Flights for couples
  • 40 minutes flight
  • Toast with sparkling wine
  • 2 wine bottles from the región
  • Chocolates or flowers
  • Generic tarpaulin
  • Breakfast after the flight
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Frequent questionss

40 minutes.

It is recommended to wear confortable clothes and shoes.

Yes but they need the signature of their parents or guardian.

It is recomendable kids with a hight over 1.20 meters, so they can enjoy the fly.

It is not recommended since landings can be complicated.

Depending on the weight, the maximun convined weight per fly is for 250 Kg.

The AFAC is the agency who regulate us in Mexico to have all the ballons in order.

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Emiliano Zapata #682, El provenir Valle de Guadalupe